Equity trading is the buying and selling of company shares or stocks, also known as equities, on the financial market. There are a few ways in which you can invest in equities. Most equity trading refers to the buying and selling of public company shares through a stock exchange or as over-the-counter products.

Equity CFDs are a simpler way to short-sell stock, which, combined with leveraged trading, offers you the trading opportunities on falling stock prices.

Our Equity CFDs can be traded on leverage using MetaTrader 5. To add equity CFDs to your trading portfolio, open a MetaTrader 5 account and select Equity CFDs from your market watch. With faster processing times, the ability to hedge, advanced pending orders and the newest tools and indicators to help you take your trading to the next level, MT5 provides exceptional features to help you stay ahead of the markets.

Trading Equity CFDs means you trade on direct underlying exchange prices with no additional mark-ups added to the bid/offer spread. Instead, you’ll pay a small commission per trade placed. 

Our spreads

Instrument CFDs Minimum
Apple 0 + market spread
Facebook 0 + market spread
Tesla 0 + market spread
Uber 0 + market spread
Amazon 0 + market spread
Amazon 0 + market spread/td>

Where can I find Pepperstone's swap rates?

You can find our latest swap rates on our trading platforms. Swap rates posted on our platforms are indicative rates and are subject to change based upon market volatility.

Admin charge table

Admin charges applicable to approved swap-free accounts.

Symbols Admin Charge (USD)
Cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin, OrangeJuice, OJ, Sugar, Cocoa, Coffee 1.5
Index Markets 1.5
GER40, FRA40, JPN225, CN50, ETHUSD 12
SpotCrude, SpotBrent 20
US30 1.5
FX and Precious Metals, Cryoto10, Crypto20, Crypto30 50

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*FX Majors spread averages from 01 – 30 June 2022. All other spreads updated June 2022. Cryptos Average spreads updated in June 2022.